While crops have been poor for many years, the April 2016 harvest was particularly poor. This has been a result of poor rainfall during the crucial Dec-Feb period. Within the area that Kiwilink operates in South Western Zimbabwe, the regions of Bungowa, Chivi and Mberengwa regions have been particularly hard hit.

Kiwilink cannot meet every need but has developed a plan;
– The most needy people are being identified. This is likely to be centered around widows and orphans. While it will be a church based assessment it will not be limited to church members

– The supplier of food for purchase is being identified. It is expected that this will be located in the eastern part of Zimbabwe where there has been a good harvest.

– Kiwilink does not deduct Administration expenses from your donation.

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Food Relief Appeal Poster.

Check out this 1.25 minute promotional video recorded by BJ Mpofu.


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