The Khayelihle Childrens Village located on the outskirts of Zimbabwe’s second largest city Bulawayo, currently accommodates 48 children in five houses on a 270 acre property. While most of the children come from an abandoned background, a major contributor to the number of orphans is the HIV/AIDS pandemic where one in five people in Zimbabwe are HIV positive.

A ‘grey water’ collection system has been established by Ben Gallenhawk, a young Australian who gave a year of his time to KCV. Kitchen and bath water was previously going into the septic tank and Ben connected each of the five houses to a central storage tank. Water is a scarce resource in Zimbabwe and this system now supplies additional water to the vegetable garden which is showing

a surprising amount of growth in the driest season of the year. Ben has also established an irrigation system for both the garden and citrus orchard. He also oversaw the establishment of a permanent internal roading system and has been successful obtaining a donation from the Australian embassy to allow the construction of a maintenance workshop.

Each orphan has multiple sponsors in a program that spans New Zealand, Australia and the United States. But there is a desire to progress toward self sufficiency and the establishment of a dairy farm is part of that quest. At present, 19 cows are being milked producing milk for the orphans with the surplus being sold to raise money for the daily needs of the orphanage.

Click here if you would like to sponsor a KCV child at NZ$40/month.

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