16 August 2018 – The recent elections in Zimbabwe saw President Mnangagwa obtain 50.8% while the main opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa gained 44.3%. This means that the President has been given a mandate to govern although there is a court challenge to that result which has yet to be resolved. The ruling party won a clear majority 144 seats against the Opposition MDC’s 64 seats. There were violent protests immediately after the election, resulting in several deaths. It seems that in terms of freeness and fairness, this election was much better than the previous two.

1 August 2018 – Zimbabwe held it’s elections on Monday 30 July. These were the first since President Mugabe was removed from office in November 2017. It seems that everything was peaceful although the opposition MDC Alliance are making allegations of vote rigging. There were several observers from the European Union and other countries and it will be interesting to see whether they believe the elections were free and fair. The results are not known yet although both sides are claiming victory. The winning Presidential candidate needs to get 50% plus one vote and as there were 22 candidates, it is likely that there will be a runoff election between the two highest polling candidates.

26 June 2018 – The date of the next general election has been set for 30 July 2018. Electioneering has been under way for a long time and in fact for most of the past five years since the last election. There is considerable infighting within the ruling Zanu PF party and as recent as last weekend, a bomb exploded close to where President Mnangagwa was addressing a political rally. There are reports of two people being killed in that attack. Given that there are a large number of Presidential candidates and that the successful candidate is required to gain 50% plus one vote, a runoff election between the two highest polling candidates is likely and this has already been set for 8 September 2018.

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