21 August 2017 – We have just had a significant weekend in the life of Zimbabwe’s politics. While it would be inappropriate to go into too much detail in this forum, the First Family were in Johannesburg, South Africa late last week where the President’s wife became involved in an altercation. Negotiations over the weekend resulted in her eventually being granted Political Immunity meaning she cannot be charged. Perhaps coincidentally in a tit for tat spat, both Air Zimbabwe and South African Airways were prevented from flying between Johannesburg and Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, although normal services have now been resumed. The First Family have since returned to Harare.

8 August 2017 – Electioneering continues in full swing as the 2018 general election approaches. In fact it didn’t really stop after the 2013 elections. Current President Robert Mugabe will be 94 before the next election and he will be facing the previous opposition Morgan Tsvangirai who will likely be the leader of an opposition coalition which is coming together at present. The Pastors reports are showing good activity around the churches although quite understandingly, attendance has been down in recent months as the people completed the harvest season which in itself was very good this year. A vibrant children’s ministry has been established this year and these reports can also be found on the Pastors page.

30 June 2017 – There has been a good harvest over April/May and recent trip to Zimbabwe found the rural people very happy indeed. Church activity is also in good heart with pleasing numbers attending church at present. Electioneering for the next general election still more than 12 months away is in full swing with the President seemingly targeting the youth vote at present. Meanwhile the economy continues to founder with the people now unable to draw any money from ATM machines.

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