20 March 2017 – The rain has continued and in the area in which we operate, a large bridge has been washed out. The loss of the Nkangezi bridge means that people travelling from Bulawayo to Zvishavane will now have an extra 100km on their journey. We are receiving good reports of the crops and in some places the harvest has already commenced. It is amazing that after seven years of drought, there has been such heavy rainfall mainly resulting from Tropical Cyclone Dineo.

18 Februrary 2017 – Since 2009, there has been a severe drought in Zimbabwe and while the rural people have been very active in their churches, the need to find food for their families has been a massive distraction. But in the crucial December – February period just passing, there has been a lot of rain throughout Zimbabwe to the stage that in some parts, there has been significantly flooding. This has brought some problems for the people living in their round mud huts as the rain causes some to collapse. But the rainfall has been a huge blessing from a mighty God because the crops are looking very promising, the livestock has water to drink and the water table supplying the boreholes has lifted.

1 November 2016- It is with sadness that we report the recent death of Mr C G Msipa. Up until recently, he was the Chairman of the Dadaya Governing Board although he will be remembered most in Zimbabwe as a likeable politician in President Mugabe’s ZANUpf political party. Mr Msipa was born in the Siboza area in which Kiwilink operates and became a teacher at a very young age. However, he soon became attracted to politics and was jailed on two occasions by the Ian Smith regime during the black uprising. When black independence was granted in 1980, Mr Mspia entered parliament and over the years rose to become the Minister of Parastals which is the equivalent to our Minister of State Owned Enterprises. Closer to his retirement from politics ten years ago he was the Governor of the Midlands Province where we work and was very supportive of our activities. Kiwilink has lost a true friend.

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