22 May 2018 – All eyes are on the next general election. This was previously expected for June or July this year although a date has yet to be announced. According to the constitution, the latest date is August 2018. This is the first election for 38 years without past President Robert Mugabe who was deposed in November 2017 and 19 years without Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who died in February this year. While current Present Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF party are expected to be successful, newly appointed opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his MDCT party are also expected to poll well. More than 100 political parties will field candidates and the vote will be heavily divided.

12 April 2018 – With good rainfall over the December/January growing season, there is a good harvest taking place right now. The main news from Zimbabwe is all about the political situation and while a date for the next election has not been announced as yet, it is widely expected in June or July this year. Electioneering has commenced and people are being forced to attend political meetings to teach them how to “vote correctly.” That stated, the new president is working hard to improve the economic environment in Zimbabwe.

2 March 2018 – Retired Magistrate and good friend of Kiwilink Selo Nare, has been appointed by President Mnangagwa as Chairman of Zimbabwe’s National Peace and Reconciliation Commission. We hope that he will be given the freedom to carry out his work.

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