22 November 2017 – The unthinkable has happened and President Mugabe has resigned. This now allows for Emmerson Mnangagwa to become President and the swearing in ceremony will likely take place Wednesday or Thursday Zimbabwe time.

21 November 2017 – The army did in fact arrive and promptly took control in Zimbabwe while being careful to state that their presence did not represent a coup. While honouring President Mugabe, the army have been attempting to negotiate his resignation which so far, has not been forthcoming. President Mugabe along with his wife and several high-standing and supportive officials have been sacked by the ruling ZANU pf political party creating a path for Emmerson Mnangagwa to return and take the Presidency at sometime in the near future.

15 November 2017 – Politics in Zimbabwe is going through a crazy phase at present. Beginning back in late 2014 when Vice President Joyce Mujuru was sacked and subsequently expelled from the ruling Zanu PF party, there has been considerable uncertainty resulting from who might take over in the event that President Mugabe becomes incapacitated. Mujuru was replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa and it seemed that he would be the likely replacement while at the same time, the President’s wife was building her Political capital. However on 8 November, Mnangagwa was also sacked and expelled from Zanu PF seemingly to create a position for the President’s wife. While President Mugabe has support from the Women’s and Youth leagues, Mnangagwa has support from the powerful Defence forces and on 14 November, Army Commander General Chiwenga warned against any further political purges or the Defence forces will intervene. This was followed by a visible presence of the armed forces in the Capital the next day being today.

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