19 February 2018 – The recent death from colon cancer of Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai represents the end of a significant era in the political history of Zimbabwe. It appears that his likely replacement in the MDC party will be Nelson Chamisa (age 39) who seems to be widely respected. This means the next election probably in June this year, will be the first for many decades without either Mugabe or Tsvangirai. There has been good rainfall in Zimbabwe over the crucial December/January period meaning that there will be a good harvest for the rural people in April/May.

18 December 2017 – Emmerson Mnangagwa the new President of Zimbabwe, has appointed his new cabinet although the appointment of two Vice Presidents are currently outstanding. Rather than choosing a Government of National Unity as most Zimbabweans had hoped, he has chosen Ministers from within the ranks. He had the ability to appoint a few from outside but chose to fill those positions from the Military. In spite of this disappointment, the people of Zimbabwe are very hopeful for a better future. All eyes are now on the 2018 elections scheduled for August. The President is promising that they will be ‘free & fair”.

22 November 2017 – The unthinkable has happened and President Mugabe has resigned. This now allows for Emmerson Mnangagwa to become President and the swearing in ceremony will likely take place Wednesday or Thursday Zimbabwe time.

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