For several years, we have been very keen on establishing a co-ordinated children’s ministry in Zimbabwe. The Barna Research group, has found that the experience in the United States is that nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ do so before reaching age 13. We are not sure of the figure in Africa but suspect that it is actually higher.

We have had a female graduate Pastor working in the area over the past two years and late last year, we decided to

boost this work by adding another graduate together with two more ladies who have passed their High School education. Sadly the original lady left us last month for two years further study in Swaziland. So we are building a team of two graduates and two mature ladies who have completed their high school education.

Thinkwell Ndlovu and Akudziwe Mavodza are two graduates of Zimbabwe Christian College they will be assisted by another two ladies who have passed their High School O level examinations. Their task entails organizing courses for Sunday School teachers, supervising then as they teach, and ensuring that the Sunday School syllabus is effectively implemented and taught in all the over seventy two churches in the District. They will ensure that proper teaching of Sunday School children is done in the Churches.”

This team will work with existing Sunday School teachers currently operating in the rural churches that we have by encouraging and mentoring those teachers and implementing a uniform teaching program. Our hope is that this work will generate a viable and exciting ministry for the children and young people living in rural Zimbabwe.