Bee Keeping

Empowerment is all about giving people the ability to determine their own future independent of outside influence. As pride and confidence in their work builds up, the people become proactive in finding further solutions to rise out of poverty. Those who originally provided assistance are then released to go onto new ventures in other areas.

A bee keeping operation has been established in the Ganga Circuit in the Zvishavane region of South Western Zimbabwe and this knowledge is being passed on not only to adjoining circuits but right through Zimbabwe. Various groups such as the Forestry Commission and the Police regularly come for training with a view to empowering people in their areas.

It was decided that “Top Bar” beehives which hang in the trees, would be most appropriate for this area as there is security from ants and animals particularly baboons.

More than 60 people have now been trained in building their own hives and harvest the honey. Each now have several hives. The residual bees wax is used for candle making.


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