4 May The news in Zimbabwe as with the rest of the world is around Covid19. Zimbabwe has had only 4 deaths and 31 confirmed infections and while there is possibly some under reporting, the country has followed most of Southern Africa and went into a three week lockdown on 20 April. This has been followed by two extensions of two weeks each. Most countries in the western world can offer various financial support but no so with Zimbabwe. As a result, people are becoming desperate to get out of their homes and find food to eat. This has been met with Police brutality in many cases.

10 March The economy continues it’s free fall path. While the exchange rate is current around Z$30 to US$1, vital institutions such as schools are prevented from increasing their fees to match the deteriorating Zimbabwe dollar. This means that schools are struggling to provide the service that is expected of them. Sadly for Kiwilink, this also means that those churches in Zimbabwe who were paying their own pastors, are no longer able to do so. The financial burden has fallen back onto Kiwilink. The political shenanigans continue and all roads point towards retaining power by any means in the next general elections scheduled for 2024.

30 January 2020 The much needed rainfall has been quite patchy. Some areas have had severe storms to the stage the several houses and one church lost their roof. In other areas, there has been very little rain. Much has been made in the international media about the need for food relief with the UN seeking to raise finance to feed 4.1 million people. While the need exists, the challenge for the UN is to deliver the food in a non-partisan way. Members of the ruling ZANU PF political party are the main beneficiaries of this work.