About Kiwilink

Kiwilink seeks to empower indigenous rural people.

We strive to empower and equip the indigenous people to help themselves and the community to which they belong. While we plan on being there to help even in the long term, at some stage, we will cease to be effective. But if we equip the local people our influence will last beyond the generations. We freely acknowledge that the local people know the language and the customs far better than ourselves. Most are extremely capable people who for the lack of suitable resources and perhaps encouragement have become disempowered. We can work more effectively by using those people.

Kiwilink does not deduct for administration expenses.

We acknowledge that donors give in a sacrificial way and that they want their donation to make a difference in the lives of indigenous people. While most are aware that administration costs are a legitimate expense, they also want to know that their donation is going to the people in need. We follow the donation by physically traveling to the rural areas and making sure that they donation is being used according to the donor wishes. In any business, overhead costs when they become excessive, become a drain on the business activities. We choose to keep administration costs to below a bare minimum.

What We Do

Kiwilink works with communities in both Zimbabwe and Vanuatu.

In Zimbabwe, Kiwilink works closely with two orphanage care projects; The Khayelihle Childrens Village (KCV) is an urban residential care with around 50 children and Trust in God Orphan care is a rural home based orphan care program. In addition, Kiwilink provides boreholes for rural communities and education bursaries for needy children showing promise.

In Vanuatu, Kiwilink is involved in disaster relief efforts the more recent being the volcano and cyclone events.

Check out a 3 minute promotional video. Watch below or Click Here