Education is one of the best means of empowering future generations and in recent decades rather than establishing and managing schools, Kiwilink has focussed on providing bursaries to promising children who have no means of financial support to get them through school. We currently have 15 children going through High School costing NZ$200/term each and a further four going through tertiary training costing NZ$1,500/term each. 




         Jaasiel Rinopisa



The life of an African child is mostly, if not always founded on education. Without the opportunity to enroll into education, there is very little hope of having a structured and directional life. Basically, education forms the basis of our lives if ever we are to be successful in life. 
As for myself, I grew up in an environment where not many people had the opportunity to acquire education. Most of them have lost direction and purpose in life and some of them opted to start families so early just because their lives revolve around a limited routine. Most of my age mates are parental figures in their own families now when they are barely capable of handling such responsibilities. 
That would have been my life if I had not had the opportunity to pursue education. By this time, I would have been a young man who depends on small subsistence farming for survival. I would have stopped attending school just after primary school ( grade seven) and I would have been someone who stays home till now. I would have lost hope of the future since it is so difficult to make it in life without education especially in our communities. 
I doubt that if I had not had the opportunity to pursue education, I would be having the same thinking towards life. I would have given up on my goals and who knows maybe I would have given on the purpose of life itself. The opportunity to educate has given me the desire to become a better man towards the family and community that brought me up. 
The chance to acquire education has given me the ability to see that I can be someone in life and I can be an ambassador of change in my community so that we all become better people that contribute to a better community.  

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Paidamoyo Chinorumba

Paidamoyo Chinorumba has recently completed a Bachelors degree in Accounting and is currently working as an accountant in a large steel manufacturing company. She hopes to soon commence study towards a Masters degree in Auditing.