Kiwilink does not deduct for administration expenses.

We acknowledge that donors give in a sacrificial way and that they want their donation to make a difference in the lives of indigenous people. While most are aware that administration costs are a legitimate expense, they also want to know that their donation is going to the people in need. We follow the donation by physically traveling to the rural areas and making sure that they donation is being used according to the donor wishes. In any business, overhead costs when they become excessive, become a drain on the business activities. We choose to keep administration costs to below a bare minimum.

There are many different areas you can donate to such as education, boreholes, child sponsorship in Zimbabwe or disaster relief in Vanuatu. Or you can make a general donation to Kiwilink to distribute where it is most needed.  Feel free to email us for further information.

We are so grateful for the part you play in improving someone else life.