TIGO is a rural home based care project with over 100 children now in the programme. TIGO focusses on children who have lost both parents but who still remain in the community and are being cared for by relatives (usually a grandmother), or older siblings; TIGO provides assistance with school fees, school uniforms, stationery, groceries and essential health needs. In the case of child headed families, mentoring and encouragement is also provided through a volunteer network. Each child is sponsored by people in NZ and Australia.

Many of these orphans have been traumatized after having watched their parent’s die from HIV/AIDS and some of the children also have serious health problems. Orphans are extremely vulnerable and risk abuse, extreme poverty, hunger and often lack security, hope and love.

TIGO Tertiary is an exciting new development. While TIGO began  with young children, many of those children are now teenagers and will soon leave the programme. We want to give them skills so that they can not only look after themselves, but look after those who have cared for them as well as giving other orphans the same opportunities that they have been given. TIGO Tertiary pays fees for tertiary training and provides a basic tool kit so that TIGO beneficiaries such as Lucia (right) can get started working for themselves.

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Jethro & Nyamita Shoniwa

My mom passed on when I was just seven and at grade 2 level. I completed my primary education in the year 2003. 

Out of the blue, as I started my secondary education, a heavenly sent team consisting of Pastor Nyoni, his wife and Brother Chris visited our homestead. They explained they were taking me as a beneficiary of Trust In God Orphanage (TIGO). They paid all my fees for the entire secondary education. Not only that but they went a step further in providing basic needs like food, clothing etc. I also would get gifts from New Zealand through them. 

I was privileged that my schooling was paid for by TIGO and I finished my Ordinary level in the year 2007. My sponsors were happy since I had passed. However I failed mathematics and I had to supplement. I passed and in the year 2010 I got enrolled at Morgenster Teachers' College for a Diploma in Education (Primary). 

TIGO paid my fees and all the necessities that were needed. I completed in the year 2013 and now am fully employed as a teacher. Yes, education is a fundamental human right but the opportunity to be educated by lovely people like these is a privilege. I am thankful and grateful for the unfailing love. Really there is no such love. 

My word of encouragement to those who get this privilege is: Treasure the opportunity as a bar of gold. Do your best. Go beyond limits. To Mrs Nyoni, the Trust In God Orphanage matron and the whole team, I would like to say thank you very much from the deepest part of my heart. You really demonstrated love and saved a soul. 

May the dear Lord bless you as you bless others.

Jethro Shoniwa



Terence Shumba

Today marks exactly two months since I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe where I gained an Honours degree in Accounting.

I would like to use this special day to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kiwilink for your unwavering support I received through TIGO between 2006 and 2014.

I was single parented until 2004 when I lost my Mom who was everything to me. She was the one who was responsible for all my fees and upkeep. The loss created serious problems (financial and emotional) as I was always barred from attending classes due to my outstanding fees. As a result, my form 1, 2 and part of form 3 was greatly affected. In 2006, TIGO started taking care of my fees. The assistance enabled me to successfully complete my O Level, A Level as well as tertiary education.

I am convinced that were it not your financial support I could not have unlocked my academic potential. I also believe that such assistance is one of the best forms of empowerment that has positioned me to contribute not only to myself but to my community, nation as well as the international community. For that reason, I am and will be forever grateful.

May the good Lord continue to shower you with resources so that you may be able to reach out to many other disadvantage people

Terence Shumba